Silent fall

Silent fall (1994) is an American Movie, it is mystery film talks about a child who suffers from autism, and he is the only witness about a double savage crimes. The movie was directed by Bruce Beresford, and it has a lot of stars Richard Dreyfuss, Linda Hamilton, John Lithgow, J.T. Walsh, and Liv Tyler.
Plot of Silent Fall:
The plot speaks about a boy his name is Tim and he witnessed the murder of his parents but he suffered from autism and he is the only witness for this murder.
Jake is called in order to solve the case to probe the mind of the child; he is a former psychiatrist turned therapist.
The psychological drama is provided through the movie in which Jake tried to entice Tim to communicate what he has seen concerning the crime.
Sylvie is Tim sister and she courage him eventually to Jake’s efforts, but then she started to concern when she knew about the suicide of a young child who was under the care of Jake.
Jake tried to be friend of Tim and he thought at first that Tim is trying to communicate through cutting up playing cards, but Sylvie informed him that her brother is good at mimicking voices, so it was good thing for Jake to be able to trigger the memory of Tim so that Tim mimics the sounds and voices he heard in the night of the crime.
A doctor succeeded in hypnotizing Tim into breaking down a locked door after the threating of the police chief to use drugs in order to get Tim to talk about the murder, so the chief after the done on Tim he saw that strength of Tim is a clear proof of murdering him( Tim).
Sylvie tried to run away with her brother Tim and convinced Jake to run away with them, who refused that, to throw him into icy lake instead, but Tim mimics the voice of the police chief in the phone to lure Sylvie to come back to the police station and pull out Jake from the lake.
Jake solved the murder by Tim’s cut up playing cards, and the murder is Sylvie because her father had raped her repeatedly, and she tried to kill Jake again but she stopped by the first time voice of Tim.
The film closed with Jake with his wife while Tim went for trick-or-treating on Halloween and Sylvie was moved to a hospital.
Silent fall casts:
Richard Dreyfuss
Dr. Jake Rainer
Linda Hamilton
Karen Elliot
John Lithgow
Dr. Harlinger
J. T. Walsh
Sheriff Mitch Rivers
Ben Faulkner
Tim Warden
Liv Tyler
Sylvie Warden

Silent fall is nominated for the Golden Bear award.
you can see Silent Fall here :


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