Liv Tyler through Stealing Beauty

In this blog I will talk about one of the most famous movies to Liv Tyler in which she showed her high level acting career in addition to her fantastic beauty.
So we will talk about the story of the movie and some of its information.
Stealing Beauty is an American drama film in 1996 , and it many stars like Liv Tyler who talking the leading role in addition to Joseph Fiennes, Jeremy Irons, Sinead Cusack , and Rachel Weisz.
The film is directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and written by Susan Minot and Bertolucci.
The movie Stealing Beauty is about An American teenage girl who travels to stay with family friends of her poet mother who recently committed suicide in a Lush Tuscan villa near Siena.
This film was the first one for Liv Tyler in which she took her first leading role.
Stealing Beauty was released in U.S. on June 14, 1996, and premiered in Italy in March 1996, and was selected for Cannes Film Festival in 1996.

The Plot of Stealing Beauty:
The story of the film talks about An American teenager whose name is Lucy Harmon who travels to the Lush Tuscan countryside and a family friend sculpted her in a beautiful villa there.
 Before four years Lucy visited there and exchanged kisses with an Italian boy. And her mother committed suicide in the villa while she was living there.
Lucy came to this countryside to know the identity of her father who lives also in this villa. She meets a lot of the eccentric locals and befriends with them and makes relationships and connections with each other of them, and Alex Parrish one of them.
Lucy yearns to lose her virginity so she becomes an object and target of intense interest to the men of the household. She finally losses her virginity to the boy she had met four years earlier outside the villa because Alex was died after a long illness.
Liv Tyler
Lucy Harmon
Joseph Fiennes
Christopher Fox
Jeremy Irons
Alex Parrish
Sinéad Cusack
Diana Grayson
Donal McCann
Ian Grayson
Rebecca Valpy
Daisy Grayson
Jean Marais
M. Guillaume
Rachel Weisz
Miranda Fox
D. W. Moffett
Richard Reed
Carlo Cecchi
Carlo Lisca
Jason Flemyng
Anna Maria Gherardi
Chiarella Donati
Ignazio Oliva
Osvaldo Donati
Stefania Sandrelli
Francesco Siciliano
Michele Lisca
Mary Jo Sorgani
Leonardo Treviglio
Alessandra Vanzi
Roberto Zibetti
Niccoló Donati



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