Everyone Says I Love You

In this article we will talk about one of the greatest movie to Liv Tyler, which considered as a start in her acting career when she was young girl. So let’s talk about this amazing move and know some information about its story and its casts.
Everyone Says I Love You is an American comedy and musical movie , it is directed by Woody Allen and it has a lot of stars like Woody Allen himself the director of the movie, Julia Roberts, Edward Norton, Alan Alda, Gaby Hoffmann, Goldie Hawn, Tim Roth, Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman, and Natasha Lyonne.
The movie set in Venice, Paris, and New York City, and the actors sing through although they are not known for their singing. It is considered one the best works for Allen, but this movie does not commercially succeed. It is ranked one of the Allen’s best by Chicago sun-Time critic Roger Ebert.
The plot of Everyone Says I Love You:
Djuna called “DJ”, a teenager, tells the convoluted love affairs of his family. His parents are divorced, but they are on good relations, and while his father, Joe, cannot find a new woman, mother, Steffi has married Bob, a staunch Democrat already the father of three daughters and a son: Skylar Lane, Laura and Scott.

But, Joe falls madly in love with a beautiful woman , Von , and does everything to make her fall in love with him, Skylar , just shortly after the announcement of marriage, begins to be courted by an ex-convict just released thanks to one of the many political campaigns to raise awareness conducted by Steffi ; Lane and Laura begin to woo the same guy , even though they know that only one will be chosen , and finally another kind of love , one for your country , makes Republican Scott , sending beast Joe .

In the end, however, Skylar marry her betrothed, finding that the inmate was still a terrible criminal, and Joe Von lets go back to her husband, Lane and Laura return inseparable, and they come with two different guys, and you will find that Scott had clogged artery, which brought him little blood to the brain, and only this had suddenly become Republican.
The movie takes classical songs and fits those songs into updated scenario.
Casts of the movie:
Edward Norton
Holden Spence
Tim Roth
Charles Ferry
Drew Barrymore
Skylar Dandridge
Itzhak Perlman
Diva Gray
Pamela Everett
Harry Winston Dancer
Ami Almendral
Navah Perlman
Madeline Balmaceda
Barbara Hollander
Vivian Cherry
John Griffin
Jeffrey Vandermost
Tommie Baxter
Old Woman
Julia Roberts
Von Sidell
Jeff DeRocker
Homeless Man (as Jeff Derocker)
Waltrudis Buck
Cherylyn Jones
Patrick Cranshaw
Tina Paul
Mannequin/Harry Winston Dancer
Isiah Whitlock, Jr.
Cop (as Isiah Whitlock)
Vikki Schnurr
Woody Allen
Joe Berlin
Natasha Lyonne
Djuna 'D.J.' Berlin
Liv Tyler
Kevin Hagan
Billy Crudup
Ken Risley
Alan Alda
Bob Dandridge
Robert Knepper
Gaby Hoffmann
Lane Dandridge
David Ogden Stiers
Arnold Spence
Natalie Portman
Laura Dandridge
Scotty Bloch
Lynn Spence
Lukas Haas
Scott Dandridge
Timothy Jerome
ER Doctor
Trude Klein
Robert Khakh
Cab Driver
Goldie Hawn
Steffi Dandridge
Christy Carlson Romano
Trick or Treat Child
Frank Pietri
Ghost Dancer

 you can see trailer of Everyone says I love you:



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