Liv Taylor is afraid nudity and prepares herself for new life after the divorce

The lord of the rings star Liv Tyler declared that she finds the nudity scenes and she described it as frightening, the 36 years old star appeared in bold scene during the movie Stealing Beauty, so from that time, she did not appear in any bold scene only in her new movie The Ledge which will releases in the American cinemas.

The beautiful actress Liv Tyler admitted that she had difficulties in acting the bold scenes in the movie and she found it scary and she said to the Fox channel news that the idea of revealing parts of your body is really a scary thing and how to reveal all of your body and in front of the world.
On the other side, she revealed about her divorce from her husband Royston Langdon, it is announced that the Hollywood star has split from the British musician in 2008 after five years from marriage.
The couple announced their engagement in 2001, and then they gave the birth for their child Milo in January, 2004. the actress admitted that the separation was not easy to see her family destroyed because of their divorce, but in the same time she said that thing gives to her the freedom and added she became acceptable of what the life did with her and how the winds do not blow as you want, and the divorce made her to think deeply in her new life and the way she will take it with her son Milo.
Liv Tyler is living now with her son Milo in New York and she prepares herself for new works in the acting careers for new movies and concentrates to comply the needs of her son Milo.


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