Liv Tyler changed her career by singing for Givenchy

Liv Tyler started new career by singing to add this new skill to her repertoire. Liv made her fist song as a cover track by a famous rock band.
So the star of the Lord of the Rings resorted to favor of INXS instead of choosing the obvious choice which is her father Steven Tyler band.
So the new song for the new Givenchy perfume campaign is singed by Liv Tyler, which is entitled Need You Tonight.
The belle Liv Tyler looked like her father through her style in this song where she wear a sweater and stocking to prove that she is a chip of that old block.
The song Need You Tonight to Liv Tyler for Givenchy is filmed by Swedish director Johan Renck by black and white footage.
So this track could be a video song in its own right because it is done in the same way.
I think that this new song is a start of new career of Liv Tyler, especially after her duet in 2009 with the Lemonheads which entitled that’s No Way to Say Goodbye of Leonard Cohen’s Hey.
In addition he promoted to audition for a role in Moulin Rouge but then she lost that role to take it the actress Nicole Kidman.
Liv Tyler admitted that when she was a little girl, she was always like to be a singer like her father Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler but she did not pursue it.
Liv Tyler added that her parents are singer where her mother was singer as well as her father and she like so much to sing and she does not how good she does.
The fashion house of Givenchy declared that it is collaboration with Sony and electrifying meeting between the universe of perfume and the world of the rock.
You can see the video her:



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