Liv Tyler Jersey Girl

This is fantastic movie and I like it because it gather drama , comedy, and romance in one plot … Liv Tyler presented through this film a wonderful show and proved that she is a professional actress.
Now let me tell you some information about this movie and advice to watch it (if you don’t know it).

Jersey Girl is a 2004 romantic comedy film directed by Kevin Smith.
Plot of the movie:

Ollie and Gertie are two lovers: he is a native of New Jersey, and works as a head of the press office of the music division of the agency, while she, in New York, is editor in a publishing house. Both have high degrees of success, they live together in the Big Apple and their perfect story, made with love and complicity, so that they decide to marry.
Gertie becomes pregnant and the pregnancy continues happily between them , but when the child comes to light Gertie has just enough time to look at her and then she died due to a complication, Ollie is so alone and with a daughter to whom he decides to give the same name of the mother: Gertie. He took refuge at first by his father, seeking help as totally incapable of caring for a child and decided to dive back into his work, but a series of events causes Ollie finds him jobless and desperate. He decides to move permanently to New Jersey and to devote his life entirely to his daughter, in memory of his wife who has never forgotten.
Meanwhile, Gertie has grown, leads a peaceful life, go to school and begins to deal with the other children, Ollie worked with his father with whom he was able to establish a better relationship with the passage of time, but one night, he meets a girl, Maya, and the life of him, father and daughter change in some way.

Ollie, meanwhile, had never stopped trying to return to his field of work and to return to New York, but after a long time the opportunity presents itself, reassesses its priorities and decided to continue to live peacefully with the Maya and her family in New Jersey.

The director Kevin Smith, as you can see from the credits, has dedicated this film to his father, Donald E. Smith, who died a year before. The nickname "Jersey Girl" is not related to Maya, but at the same daughter Gertie. The film boasts cameos by Will Smith, Matt Damon and Jason Lee. In the film are more than once mentioned the musical Cats and Sweeney Todd.

It is one of the few films of Kevin Smith which do not contain Jay & Silent Bob. The song in the credits is precisely Jersey Girl by Tom Waits, here in the live version of Bruce Springsteen. In one scene of the film Gertie says to his father: "Come on gas, Chewbacca," a clear reference to the Star Wars saga.

The film received during the edition of 2004, three nominations for Razzie Awards for Worst Actor Ben Affleck, Worst Supporting Actress and Worst couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck choice between Jennifer Lopez and Liv Tyler.
Ben Affleck
Oliver "Ollie" Trinké
Liv Tyler
Raquel Castro
Gertie Trinké
George Carlin
Bart Trinké
Jennifer Lopez
Gertrude Steiney
Stephen Root
Mike Starr
Jason Biggs
Arthur Brickman
Will Smith
Jason Lee
PR Exec. 1
Matt Damon
PR Exec. 2
S. Epatha Merkerson
Paulie Litt as Bryan
Paulie Litowsky
Harley Quinn Smith
Trace Colelli
Matthew Maher
Delivery Guy

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