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In this article we will talk about one of the greatest movie to Liv Tyler, which considered as a start in her acting career when she was young girl. So let’s talk about this amazing move and know some information about its story and its casts.

Silent fall

Silent fall (1994) is an American Movie, it is mystery film talks about a child who suffers from autism, and he is the only witness about a double savage crimes. The movie was directed by Bruce Beresford, and it has a lot of stars Richard Dreyfuss, Linda Hamilton, John Lithgow, J.T. Walsh, and Liv Tyler.

Liv Tyler got married secretly

The Washington Daily News announced reports on November 22, 2013 suggesting a secret long-term relationship of Liv Tyler.
The reports said that the actress who is best known for her roles in The Lord of the Rings ,

Liv Tyler dances in a Viking hat in the shopping time for Halloween costumes

The daughter of the big star Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler, was in a Halloween Costume store with her son Milo on Thursday. Our star played the role of “embarrassing mum” in the store.
Liv Tyler tried on many masks and hats and she even danced when she was wearing a

Photos of Liv Tyler in New song for Givenchy

Liv Tyler changed her career by singing for Givenchy

Liv Tyler started new career by singing to add this new skill to her repertoire. Liv made her fist song as a cover track by a famous rock band.
So the star of the Lord of the Rings resorted to favor of INXS instead of choosing the obvious choice which is her father Steven Tyler band.

Royston Langdon husband of Liv Tyler and his band Spacehog

The husband of the famous actress Liv Tyler, Royston Langdon, is member of the great band Spacehog which is an English rock band formed from 1994. The music of the band is influenced by Queen, David Bowie and T.Rex but the best known single for the band is “In the Meantime”.

Liv Tyler meditate to deal with ADD

The daughter of the big star Steven Tyler, who is 35 year old, Liv Tyler declared that she has attention deficit disorder (ADD), and she thought the relaxation technique will help her. She added that relaxation technique is not just helping in her case but it helps in everything.

Liv Tyler’s Relationship with her Son Milo

Liv Tyler’s son Milo is 9 year old, and the relationship between them is so healthy and solid in comparison to any relation Liv had with other man. Now liv is 36 years old and her child, Milo I 9 year old. He is her son from her ex-husband Royston Langdon.

Liv Tyler Mystery Boyfriend

Liv Tyler was divorced from her husband the British rocker Royston Langdon in 2010, and she was seen for the third time this month with her beau mystery in New York’s West Village.

Liv Tyler is now 35 years old and she is the daughter of the big star Steven Tyler, and she knew that he is her father at the age of 10 because her mother was afraid for her to follow her father in abusing drugs.
In returning to our main story, she was seen in her Ray-Bans, checkered scarf, grey skirt, letterman, and sensible flats.
And her boyfriend was seen beside her and he was wearing his usual grey beanie with a black peacoat, and oxblood boots.
The star of the lord of the rings was seen when she brought her son Mila beside her mystery boyfriend and holding the 38 years old.
As we know that Liv had in the past a relationship with Joaquin Phoenix for three years and then she started another one with the spacehog musician and she dated him for decade.
And during her interview she told Tatler Magazine that she feels sensitive and she fall in love with the blue moon.
And we know she is the only daughter of her mother Bebe Buell and father although she has two sisters and brother just from her father Steven Tyler.
She had sister is younger than her , and her name is Mia she is large-size model and also she had another sister younger than her and her name is Chelsea and her brother Taj Monroe Tallarico.
So Liv Tyler told her fans many times through her interviews on the small screen that she is not ready and does not think to make any relationship again with anyone and she concentrated her activities only on her son and what he needs.

Liv Tyler is the diamond

Liv Tyler Wants to be Like Heidi Montag

Liv Tyler encourages and likes plastic surgery and she said that the body of women changes a lot after having baby . Although  Ashlee Simpson and Heidi Montag have huge changes after plastic surgery, but liv wants to be like Heidi Montag. When Liv has her son Milo in December 2004 she wants to lose her weight, it was very hard and she wants to get back her shape, for that she went to the gym four or five times a week and sometimes every day. She should look good for her work but she has to do many things.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Liv Tyler Dating After Cinema Outing

Liv Tyler and Benedict Cumberbatch are more than co stars, they are also dating and the couple was seeing on Tuesday night to watch film. They were watching the movie and then they looked in good mood after it. The rumors said that there is a romance between the couple after the date in the cinema.

Liv Taylor is afraid nudity and prepares herself for new life after the divorce

The lord of the rings star Liv Tyler declared that she finds the nudity scenes and she described it as frightening, the 36 years old star appeared in bold scene during the movie Stealing Beauty, so from that time, she did not appear in any bold scene only in her new movie The Ledge which will releases in the American cinemas.

Liv Tyler Inspirational Givenchy Makeup 2013

Liv Tyler are still dominate the minds of designers, makeup Givenchy, so the U.S. actress and beautiful daughter of rocker Steve Tyler is the official symbol, inspiring and most importantly for Cosmetics and Perfumes Givenchy this year as well.

Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone through Aerosmith Song Crazy

This beautiful song was released in May 3, 1994, and recorded 1992. Its genre is blues rock and its length is 5:16.
The writer of this song is Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Desmond Child; in addition its producer is Bruce Fairbairn.

Liv Tyler Celebrated with the Halloween

Liv Tyler likes to celebrate with the Halloween, and she was very exciting for it. She lives alone with her son in her house after her divorced from her husband.

Liv Tyler photos (part 1)

In this article , I will give you the best news and photos about our star Liv Tyler.
Liv Tyler and Elizabeth Olsen at Proenza Schouler Fashion Show!

Cute News about Liv Tyler

·         My dad Steven Tyler wearing my clothes:
Liv Tyler came out to say that her father Steven Tyler cares about her clothes, and inspired designs clothes from her wardrobe, as he wears women's clothes.

Liv Tyler regained her agility after Birth

The beautiful actress Liv Tyler continued her work after being her son Milo at 14 month. So she prepared to open a new film titled Jim Lonesome in New York and she looked radiant and regained the usual agility.

Liv Tyler plans to sing with her father

The King of the Rings star, Liv Tyler affirmed that she is planning to sing with her father the Aerosmith leader but her work schedules prevented her.

Liv Tyler separated from her husband Royston Langdon after suffering five years

The famous Hollywood heroine Liv Tyler always prefers to have secrets about her personal life.
Liv Tyler stated for the first time about her struggle with her son who is six years old after splitting from her ex-husband husband Royston.

Personal Life of Liv Tyler

Tyler was in a relationship with Joaquin Phoenix for three years, and after their separation a relationship grew with British musician Royston Langdon of the band Spacehog In 1998 . After three years of their relationship, the engagement  between the couple was done in 2001 and they married Barbados on March 25, 2003. So after five years, the couple said during interviews that they separated but were still friends.

Liv Tyler Family

Liv Tyler was born on July 1, 1977, grew up under the care of her mother Baby Buell- model and singer- and her father and the famous musician Todd Rundgren.

Liv Tyler Birthday

The famous actress Liv Tyler was born in July 1, 1977, and to this day a special character because of the large number of important historical events that took place when both in the near or distant past.
And one of the most important historical events that took place on the same day The beautiful heroine Liv Tyler was born are as follows:

Liv Tyler Biography

Liv Rundgren Tyler the American Hollywood actress and model is born on July 1, 1977, in New York. She is the daughter of the big rock star Steven Tyler and the American fashion model and rock