Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone through Aerosmith Song Crazy

This beautiful song was released in May 3, 1994, and recorded 1992. Its genre is blues rock and its length is 5:16.
The writer of this song is Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and Desmond Child; in addition its producer is Bruce Fairbairn.
This song is considered of the most hottest and beautiful songs which are presented by the king of the rock Steven Tyler and his band Aerosmith.
Crazy’s video song had been received a big rotation on MTV channel and it was one of the most successful and requested ones in 1994.
Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler’s appearance was the third one in Aerosmith videos songs. Liv Tyler was chosen in this video without knowing that her father is one of the members this band but creators chose her according on her appearance in a Pantene Commercial.
The song video was very similar to film-story like and it speaks about two schoolgirls who run away from school and take a car. The beautiful two girls take their adventures through their journey and their need for money, they enter the dance competition and they win it at the end of the story. The video also includes the model Dean Kelly and his role in the video was farmer and the two girl persuade him in order to go with them to the lake and swim with them, but they cheated him and let him to take off his clothes then they take his clothes and run away with the car and try to make him angry by obligating him to run behind them naked.
And in the end section of this great video shows the word crazy which is performed by the running tractor alone without his partner in the farm.
It is amazing video and I call everyone to see it. 



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