Liv Tyler meditate to deal with ADD

The daughter of the big star Steven Tyler, who is 35 year old, Liv Tyler declared that she has attention deficit disorder (ADD), and she thought the relaxation technique will help her. She added that relaxation technique is not just helping in her case but it helps in everything.
Recently Liv talked to the New York Daily News that she had attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Meditation helps her, because it helps in everything. She is not the only star who has such a condition, recently Britney Spears declared that she had attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The symptoms of it is having difficulty after instructions or being stay after required.
Britney Spears had (ADHD) when she was teenager and she took medication for that. That medication helped her with it but she cannot take it now because it contrasted with the other medications which she takes for her mental issues.
The doctors of Britney Spears prevent her to take Ritalin or Adderall although those are the medicine for ADHD.
There are also numbers of stars who enjoy in the medication as Kimberly Wyatt, who takes relaxation for two hours every day. She recently declared that she meditates for two hours every day she added that she puts prayer shawl which she got from bail around her shoulder and sit on her bed with her essential oils and especially white angelica and of course angle cards which she look at for inspiration.
Liv now is making the meditation and that helps her so much in her case, when she admits of her problem she reach to the medicine which will help her and will return her as she was. Liv is strong woman and can help herself to become better and be as she wants.


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