Benedict Cumberbatch and Liv Tyler Dating After Cinema Outing

Liv Tyler and Benedict Cumberbatch are more than co stars, they are also dating and the couple was seeing on Tuesday night to watch film. They were watching the movie and then they looked in good mood after it. The rumors said that there is a romance between the couple after the date in the cinema.

Liv Taylor is afraid nudity and prepares herself for new life after the divorce

The lord of the rings star Liv Tyler declared that she finds the nudity scenes and she described it as frightening, the 36 years old star appeared in bold scene during the movie Stealing Beauty, so from that time, she did not appear in any bold scene only in her new movie The Ledge which will releases in the American cinemas.

Liv Tyler Inspirational Givenchy Makeup 2013

Liv Tyler are still dominate the minds of designers, makeup Givenchy, so the U.S. actress and beautiful daughter of rocker Steve Tyler is the official symbol, inspiring and most importantly for Cosmetics and Perfumes Givenchy this year as well.