Liv Tyler Mystery Boyfriend

Liv Tyler was divorced from her husband the British rocker Royston Langdon in 2010, and she was seen for the third time this month with her beau mystery in New York’s West Village.

Liv Tyler is now 35 years old and she is the daughter of the big star Steven Tyler, and she knew that he is her father at the age of 10 because her mother was afraid for her to follow her father in abusing drugs.
In returning to our main story, she was seen in her Ray-Bans, checkered scarf, grey skirt, letterman, and sensible flats.
And her boyfriend was seen beside her and he was wearing his usual grey beanie with a black peacoat, and oxblood boots.
The star of the lord of the rings was seen when she brought her son Mila beside her mystery boyfriend and holding the 38 years old.
As we know that Liv had in the past a relationship with Joaquin Phoenix for three years and then she started another one with the spacehog musician and she dated him for decade.
And during her interview she told Tatler Magazine that she feels sensitive and she fall in love with the blue moon.
And we know she is the only daughter of her mother Bebe Buell and father although she has two sisters and brother just from her father Steven Tyler.
She had sister is younger than her , and her name is Mia she is large-size model and also she had another sister younger than her and her name is Chelsea and her brother Taj Monroe Tallarico.
So Liv Tyler told her fans many times through her interviews on the small screen that she is not ready and does not think to make any relationship again with anyone and she concentrated her activities only on her son and what he needs.



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