Liv Tyler Celebrated with the Halloween

Liv Tyler likes to celebrate with the Halloween, and she was very exciting for it. She lives alone with her son in her house after her divorced from her husband.

We see her in the picture with a male friend who helped her in adorning her house with dozens of Halloween decorations.
This photo was taken in 2012 before the Halloween, and she wore a small hat due to the cold weather, Jeans cab, and sport shoes.
The 35 old years is seen with friend who helped her to put fake spiderwebs, and lights.   
We see it through the photos that she was very enthusiasm to spend with her 8 years old don Milo for the holiday, she claimed top of the railing beside of a tree in order to hang the lights from an outlying tree. 
The lord of the rings star proved recently that Elle is true fashionista at the deep of the heart, despite Liv’s dressed down look.
Liv said that there something is made for her by the greatest fashion luxury.  
Concerning her life, she admitted that she depends on her housekeeper for some help for her large wardrobe manageable; she said that she had an amazing housekeeper who helps her in keep everything I need. She sometimes terrible on herself and makes a mess in every time she wants to get dressed from her wardrobe.
 She was divorced also from her husband the father of her son Milo after years of hard life and misunderstanding with him as she claimed.
Her ex-husband is called Todd Rundgren, who is a star pop singer.
By the way, Liv Tyler lives a calm life with her son in Los Angles and prepares herself for new comedy movie.



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