Royston Langdon husband of Liv Tyler and his band Spacehog

The husband of the famous actress Liv Tyler, Royston Langdon, is member of the great band Spacehog which is an English rock band formed from 1994. The music of the band is influenced by Queen, David Bowie and T.Rex but the best known single for the band is “In the Meantime”.
The band is consists from five members: Royston Langdon, husband of Liv Tyler, he was born on 1 May 1972. He is bass and vocals.
Antony Langdon was born on 14 May 1968 and he is rhythm guitar and vocals.
Jonny Cragg  was born on 18 July 1966 and he is on drums.
Richard Steel was born on 12 November 1968 and he is the lead guitar. And Timo Ellis who is multi- instrumentalist.
The band was formed in 1994 in New York city and that was when Antony Langdon by chance met jonny Cragg in a café, Jonny Cragg was working in killing rats, and when Royston Langdon joined to the band Spacehog was began, and when the original guitarist left the band Cragg called Richard steel, who is his friend, and he joined to the band. In 1994 the band signed with Seymour Stein to Sir Records.
The first album of the band, Resident Alien, was released on 24 October 1995.
In the Meantime it was received heavy video and radio play and it was used as background music to Match of the Day football which is a programme that was shown in BBC. The second album of the brand was The Chinese Album which was released on 10 March 1998 but it did not sell as the first album. The popularity of the band is spread to all the worlds.
The band released the third album, The Hogyssey, on 10 April in 2001. The band joined The Black Crowes and Oasis to support their album on the Tour of Brotherly Love which is the final major tour to the brand.
In February 2001 Royston and the famous actress Liv Tyler engaged and they married on 25 March in 2003 in Barbados. In 2004 Liv Tyler gave birth to her son Milo William Langdon while on 8 May 2008 they decided to separate but stay as friends.


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