Liv Tyler son adores "Queen"

Milo likes Queen; this is what the actress revealed that she gave birth to her son Milo's six years of her ex-husband Royston Langdon, who separated from him in 2008.
The star said: "Milo stunning, enjoy funny and strange taste. He loves the band "Queen".
"Turning the amount of 33-year-old actress to her life and her career. Liv said that she has character full of contradictions. At the time of unbearable chaos, but she hates so much organization and planning for the future.
Liv started her acting career in 1994 through minor roles, until she knew the fame in 1998 through the movie Armageddon alongside Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. Then she participated in the championship trilogy Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. International journals Incorporated within the list of the most beautiful women in the world, and she is the advertising face of the Givenchy perfume and cosmetic.
Liv Taylor lost her dream when separated from her husband Royston Langdon. It is noteworthy that the Hollywood star split from British musician in 2008 after five years of marriage.
The couple announced their engagement in 2001, and then gives birth to a child is Milo in (December 2004). Amounting to 33-year-old actress admitted that it was not easy to see the example of the family fall apart because of her divorce, but she acknowledged that it liberated her at the same time. She said: "I began to accept my life, what you do, and how the wind does not always take place as human craves. The divorce as a loss of a dream, especially because I spend my childhood in the planning of the course, which will also take him my life. "Liv has taken time off from work to recover from this bitter divorce.



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