Benedict Cumberbatch and Liv Tyler Dating After Cinema Outing

Liv Tyler and Benedict Cumberbatch are more than co stars, they are also dating and the couple was seeing on Tuesday night to watch film. They were watching the movie and then they looked in good mood after it. The rumors said that there is a romance between the couple after the date in the cinema.
Liv Tyler who is 35 was wearing stripped t shirt , black jacket and black jeans and she was wearing converse trainers and she was holding orange handbag. Liv left her hair on her shoulders and she was drinking in a large cup, while Benedict was wearing black shirt, grey jumper and black jeans and he was wearing brown espadrilles and he was holding bottle of water, he is 36. They were walking and they are keeping distance between each other they called it a night after the movie. Liv Tyler looked stunning although she put simple make up. This date was not the first one they had seen in, they both were in a post Emmy award party which was in the sunset towers hotel. Both of them left the event separately but they were together in the party. Benedict has missed out on an Emmy award but he was celebrating at the party. He was one of the nominate in the Outstanding Lead Actor in A Miniseries or for his role as detective Sherlock Holmes but Kevin Costner was the winner for his role in Hatfields and Mc Coys. It had been said that Liv Tyler and Benedict Cumberbatch are attached to the movie adaptation of Scott Organ’s play phoenix which is a story about couple who have to deal with the condition that followed a one night stand which will be a great story.   



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