Liv Tyler’s Relationship with her Son Milo

Liv Tyler’s son Milo is 9 year old, and the relationship between them is so healthy and solid in comparison to any relation Liv had with other man. Now liv is 36 years old and her child, Milo I 9 year old. He is her son from her ex-husband Royston Langdon.
The relationship between Liv and her son, Milo is very good and consistent . She said that she learns a lot from him and she tries to understand how he thinks and how his behaviors. She added that to have on is a great thing and that because there relation is very good and the best relation in her life.
Liv said that Milo wants everything as any normal child he wants from his mother to be as normal mother like making breakfast, walking with him to school, helping his in his homework and reading to him story every night. He does not see her as a famous person or as actress, he sees her as normal mother and has to make to him the basic things.
Liv’s mother Bebe Buell had raised liv and she did not see her father, the famous singer Steven Tyler, until she became 8 year old. That makes her as she thinks stronger and she does not fear from anything. Liv talks with Net-a-porter’s digital magazine and said that a woman raised her and that makes her stronger and confident and can support herself and her family without any help. She added that the men as a mystery in a way and she consider them as a visitor in her life they come and go without any effect and she feels so surprised when there is a man around her and tries to be near her. So her relation with her son, Milo is different from any relation because it is so solid and consistent.


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