Liv Tyler Wants to be Like Heidi Montag

Liv Tyler encourages and likes plastic surgery and she said that the body of women changes a lot after having baby . Although  Ashlee Simpson and Heidi Montag have huge changes after plastic surgery, but liv wants to be like Heidi Montag. When Liv has her son Milo in December 2004 she wants to lose her weight, it was very hard and she wants to get back her shape, for that she went to the gym four or five times a week and sometimes every day. She should look good for her work but she has to do many things.

Liv said that she wants to sell her house and living a simple life in simple way which is in a trailer somewhere because she has to make her living.
She is the daughter of very famous parents, Steven Tyler and Bebe Buell who is model, so she has to do many things  like she has to celebrate second generation including Kate Hudson who has son Ryder plays with Milo and he is his friend.
In 2000 Liv Tyler and Kate Hudson make movie, Dr T and the Woman, they were lovers in the movie. Liv acted that she in love with him and she wants to marry him. In the movie they were so shy in kissing each other but they have to do the role and should respect their works, Liv said that she was so tired in acting in this movie but it was great movie and Liv likes it so much.

Liv talks about herself when she was teenage, she said that she did not do anything wrong, she just run away from her house and smoked and went to rock concerts in the weekend. She said about herself that she is responsible person and hardworking and likes to live organized life.  


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