Liv Tyler dances in a Viking hat in the shopping time for Halloween costumes

The daughter of the big star Steven Tyler, Liv Tyler, was in a Halloween Costume store with her son Milo on Thursday. Our star played the role of “embarrassing mum” in the store.
Liv Tyler tried on many masks and hats and she even danced when she was wearing a
Viking hat. She was wearing casual clothes as jeans, green poncho and black converse. She was looking very relaxed and having a good time with her son.
Her son Milo ignored his mum and tried to find suitable clothes to himself. There were a lot of costumes as a Spiderman suits and a lot of things but Liv liked the Viking hat and then she started dancing in front of her son and all the people who were in the shop.
Liv Tyler talked many times about her relationship with Milo her son and about the way she treats him. She likes him very much and she always tries to understand him and to help him and to be as his friend, she added that to be a mother you have to be a suitable person for this job although Milo does not ask her for a lot of things, he just needs the normal things that any child needs it from his mother. Then she said that she learned a lot from him and he does not see her as a big star, he sees her as a normal mother.
Liv Tyler marriage from Royston Langdon and then in 2004 they had their son, Milo, then they divorced after five years of their marriage and they decided to be friends. Their son, Milo, is living with his mother and they always try to live a normal life and to make many activities together.  


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