Jemima Kirke paints a Portrait of Liv Tyler’s baby bump [photos]

Tyler in lingerie before girls stars Jemima Kirke painting a Portrait of her baby pump

The pregnancy period can be proved to be the best of times and the worst of times , as many moms know.
But when it comes to our star Live Tyler the situation is different , she tries to remember the highs and lows way before she gives birth.  Though Tyler came up with new and clever idea to commemorate her journey.
So the Lord of the Rings alumna eagerly awaits the birth of her second child , and she decided to ask a close friend to paint a portrait of her baby pump, who was Girls star Jemima Kirke.
So Tyler posted on Instagram a photo in lingerie and floral cover up saying in “So fun to be painted by a friend!!!!”.

 And then she added another photo of her friend Jemima Kirke saying "Beautiful talented special totally 1 of a kind dear friend Jemima Kirke @rafaizzy painting me!!!!!!"
So Liv Tyler is more than willing to admit being pregnant isn’t the worst thing in the world , and she continues to prepare for her next arrive., she pretty much enjoys for the second time the experience.
She said that the most fun thing about being pregnant is having those mom hormones flowing around. And this will help her to be much better mother for Milo.
Liv Tyler feels like she has nothing to complain about , although with a hit series belt ( shout-out to The Leftovers).


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