Liv Tyler Interview in Red

If you did not have seen Liv Tyler in the 90’s, you were not living, and now if you do not see it, you should read her refreshingly real interview in Red.

The Red was created for her looking ravishing in it * what else?  The star of the Lord of the Rings on the British magazine’s cover opens up about being a mom and hanging out with A- listers like Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney. 

Liv Tyler said about her roles in the movies describing that she sees Stella character whenever she was either here or in London they have a weird , crazy conversation , she got four children and a million businesses , while Gwyneth character is good in everything . She is very organized person and good at structure and routine and schedules, in the other hand Liv character is far from sensitive and adoptable and she lost all things which Gwyneth good in. 

Belle Liv Tyler during her interview discussing the relationship between her motherhood and her filming career, saying that the measure of her success is how good a parent she can be. Liv Tyler shares custody of Milo (her son who is 9 years old) with her ex-husband Royston Langdon, where she said that she has a close relationship with him.

The 36 years old actress said that when someone concentrates on his career will ignore his duties for his family and this feeling she did not feel it when she was young. 

So if someone successful in his career will neglects his family duties unintentionally, what you think about Liv Tyler speech is she right or not?



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