Liv Tyler in Space Station 76

Watch the conquest of space in a comedy film

In a funny comedy drama two stars "Liv Tyler" and "Matt Boomer" present roles of astronauts and they fall in comic situations and funny in the movie Space Station 76.
the film imagines, which belongs to the category of "black comedy", a substitute history for space flight since the seventies of the last century, and what could happen if history related of space travel in this era changed, according to the site digitalspy.
Thus, the people in the space station concerned in this era  , and workers suffers out of their problems and personal tragedies, including the special makes them neglect their mission itself, but that "robots" located in the station itself has problems make it worse.
The actor "Jack Blotnik", who played the role of deputy mayor in the famous series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also played the role of the suspect as "Red John" in the series of Action The Mentalist, in charge of the output is not acting, as he participated in the writing of the screenplay done with a group of writers.
The movie stars "Liv Tyler" and "Matt Boomer" and "Patrick Wilson" and "Maritha Coghlan," and it will be released  this year.



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