Liv Tyler separated from her husband Royston Langdon after suffering five years

The famous Hollywood heroine Liv Tyler always prefers to have secrets about her personal life.
Liv Tyler stated for the first time about her struggle with her son who is six years old after splitting from her ex-husband husband Royston.
The star admitted during an interview in a U.S. magazine that she had tired husband where she suffered during the years of marriage .
As she stated during the interview that the separation from the British rock singer forced her to take time off before returning to work again .
The actress Liv Tyler stopped work for two days before returning to work in two films titled Super and The Edge.
She also said, "I took a break before starting representation in the film Super and The Edge After my suffering for years from my husband I started to rebuild my life again."
Tyler splits from Langdon in 2008 after five years of bitter marriage as Tyler claims.
The beautiful brunette said that before she turned back to Showbiz she had to put the needs of her son Mello, one of the priority concerns after the end of her marriage.
The couple married for five years and Tyler gave birth to her son Mello in December 2004.
Liv Tyler said "during the transitional period in my life, I stayed with Mello in this ordeal and I'm trying to restore my strength and recover from my sickness , and now I'm putting all my focus on this matter."



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