Liv Tyler Birthday

The famous actress Liv Tyler was born in July 1, 1977, and to this day a special character because of the large number of important historical events that took place when both in the near or distant past.
And one of the most important historical events that took place on the same day The beautiful heroine Liv Tyler was born are as follows:
                    1997 handover of Hong Kong to Chinese authorities after 156 years of British colonial rule.
                    1916 killed
more than 20,000 British troops and wounded 40,000 in the Somme region in France during the First World War with the Germans.
                    1932 was chosen Franklin Roosevelt as elected President of the United States of America.
                    1932 Japanese forces seized the Chinese customs building and forcing employees to evacuate.
                    1942, Egypt the Rommel's Afrika Corps became a turning point in the war in North Africa.
                    1943 Sicily allies bombed in an attempt to weaken the external defense in Italy during World War II.
                    1956 U.S.A spending $50 billion to build a highway network during a period of 13 years.
                    1966 the U.S.A forces bombed the fuel installations in North Vietnam.
                    1994 return of Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization from exile to Palestine as part of the Oslo Peace Treaty.
                    1999 opening of the Scottish Parliament by the Queen of Scots.
                    2004 international space mission to Saturn.
                    2006 China opened the top railway in the world.
                    2007 England imposed a ban on smoking in public places.
                    2007 set up a concert in the United Kingdom as a memorial to the late Princess Diana.
                    2008 United States takes off Nelson Mandela from terror list.
                    2009 resignation of the Prime Minister of Croatia from office.
                    2011 Poland received the presidency of the European Union.
                    2012 presidential election occurred in Mexico.

Another important international figures who have the same birthday champion Liv Tyler. Remind you of them:
The Dutch musician Birgit Schuurman and the Japanese music artist Keigo Hayashi.


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