Cute News about Liv Tyler

·         My dad Steven Tyler wearing my clothes:
Liv Tyler came out to say that her father Steven Tyler cares about her clothes, and inspired designs clothes from her wardrobe, as he wears women's clothes.
 He indicated that once saw him wearing a T-shirt, and she liked it so much and then discovered that her blouse, which is taken from its coffers.
 She said she loves her father very stressed, "my father is handsome and makes me feel proud, he is a man staggering."
Steven Tyler is a member of the jury in the American Idol program, she explained: all things and comments my father says it in the program is often funny, but I got used to the lightness of his shadow.
·         Liv Tyler does not like nudity:
The 36 star Liv Taylor revealed that she finds scenes of nudity as "scary.", she appeared in a bold scene in 1996 as part of Stealing Beauty. But since that time, did not appear in any nude scene only recently within the events of her new movie The Ledge, which will be put in the halls of America this month.
The glamorous actress admitted that she finds it difficult and frightening to represent scenes of nudity in the film. She said to the channel "Fox News Sunday": "the idea that reveals parts of your body is really scary, how if it's in front of the whole world?!".
·         Liv Tyler hiding behind a thick beard to publicize her new film:
They say that any publicity is better than "propaganda”. Therefore Liv Tyler hopes that "people pay attention to the new image that appeared behind a false beard to promote her new comedy film" Robot and Frank, "which display last Sunday within Festival" Sun and Sun "in Park City, Utah, United States.
And Liv’s image is almost contrast to what he described as her father Steven member in “Aerosmith" in his famous song "looks like a ladies man."
Liv has noted, "36-year-old" funny side in the picture, after she hid her mouth behind a table tennis racket funny decree upon a thick beard to one of the men, she has exploded into laughter as soon as the image is captured.



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