Liv Tyler regained her agility after Birth

The beautiful actress Liv Tyler continued her work after being her son Milo at 14 month. So she prepared to open a new film titled Jim Lonesome in New York and she looked radiant and regained the usual agility.
The star Liv Tyler attended the Opening ceremony of the movie and she dressing a black dress which showed her sexy body. Tyler said that the weight lose which has been increased during her pregnancy period was not an easy way. So she did not find it easy as it seems with many of the celebrities who lose excess weight immediately after birth.
The beautiful star of 175 cm height said that it was so difficult for her to lose weight after giving birth.
And she said also that weight loss seems an easy with others and the weight increase appears as soon as birth, noting that many of her colleagues in the field of cinema and music who appear to be too
skinny immediately after birth.
Liv does not pay much attention to be too skinny, and says that she does not care to appear with skinny jeans and she means the form in which the super model Kate Moss appears, but everyone now appears like this.
Liv exited with her son Milo when they were in New York for a walk, Milo had inherited the blond color hair from his father, The British singer Royston Langdon, because Liv is characterized with black hair to contradict her son’s hair color light.
So Liv regained again her agility to continue her life with Hollywood as an actress and prepares herself for new projects as a starring role in one of the best movies during life.
As we know she separated from her husband and she lives now alone with her son Milo.



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